Our base for the first 7 days: Serra dos Tucanos Lodge

Serra dos Tucanos Lodge: the garden and pool area in the back

The back of the lodge as seen from the garden

Masked Watertyrant was nesting at the pool area

A gorgeous Blue-naped Chlorophonia feeding on the bananas in the garden

Maroon-bellied Parakeet: another regular garden visitor

High altitude excursion: the cobbled road up to Pico do Caledonia (2300m)

High altitude excursion: the lower section at 1600m

Start of the trail at Portao Azul at an altitude of about 1000m

Macae de Cima (1400m) covered in clouds. Many Bellbirds were calling here

Three-toed Jacamar excursion: habitat near Carmo

One of the wider sections of the Theodoro Trail (1100m)

Plain Parakeets at the Serra dos Tucanos feeders

Another regular visitor to the feeders: Green-headed Tanager...

... and Blue Dacnis

The famous rock formations of Serra dos Orgaos NP

Our base for the following three days: Guapi Assu Bird Lodge

Fantastic view from our balcony at Guapi Assu Lodge

The REGUA wetlands

Birding the 4x4 Track to Casa Anibal

A brown-throated Three-toed Sloth along the 4x4 Track

A White Woodpecker visiting a tree in front of the lodge

Another marvelous view over REGUA as seen from the lodge

A Burrowing Owl in the fields on our way to the Waterfall Trail

After a nice forest walk we ended up at this beautiful waterfall

The beautiful Plush-crested Jay is common around Iguassu

The impressive Iguassu Falls seen from the Argentinean side

Another common bird around Iguassu: Rufous Hornero

Forest stream during our walk through Urugua-i Provincial Park in Argentina

Urugua-i Provincial Park: Black-throated Trogon

Panoramic view of Iguassu Falls as seen from the Brazilian side

Saffron Finch

View over Rio de Janeiro from Corcovado Mountain

A late afternoon stroll along Ipanema Beach

Brown Booby along Ipanema Beach in Rio