Hosteria Alandaluz

Entrance to Hosteria Alandaluz

anthony's nightjar

Anthony's Nightjar at the beach of Alandaluz

Pacific Parrotlet

Pacific Parrotlet is a common bird at the coast

Humpback Whales during our boat trip to Isla de la Plata

Blue-footed Booby

Blue-footed Boobies along the trail on Isla de la Plata

long-tailed mockingbird

Long-tailed Mockingbird on Isla de la Plata

Ayampe River

An impression of the Ayampe River Valley

nice flower

Nice flower along the trail at the Ayampe river

masked water-tyrant

Regular occurence at Ayampe river: Masked Water-tyrant

papallacta paramo

The paramo near Papallacta pass at 4000 M.

sword-billed hummingbird

Sword-billed Hummingbird at the feeders of Guango Lodge

san isidro

View of the surrounding mountains at San Isidro

chestnut-breasted coronet

Chestnut-breasted Coronet at the feeders of San Isidro Lodge.

inca jay

Common around San Isidro Lodge: Inca Jay

southern lapwing

A Southern Lapwing in the fields near San Isidro

loreto road

View of the surroundings along Loreto Road

flower loreto

Colourful flowers along Loreto Road

sumaco volcano

View on Sumaco Volcano on our way to El Para Reserve

huacamayos ridge

The trail along Huacamayos Ridge

collared inca

Back again at Guango Lodge: Collared Inca


Superb views of the Andes on our way to Yanacocha

a great team

The birding team at Yanacocha

masked flowerpiercer

Masked Flowerpiercer at the feeders of Yanacocha

old nono mindo road

Birding along the old Nono-Mindo Road

trail at PVM

The trail near the watchtower at Pedro Vicente Maldonado

broad-billed motmot

Broad-billed Motmot along the road at PVM

andean cock-of-the-rock

Andean Cock-of-the-Rock at the lek

purple-bibbed whitetip

Female Purple-bibbed Whitetip at the feeders of Septimo Paraiso Lodge

trails septimo paraiso

At the trails of Septimo Paraiso

tandayapa valley

View of the Tandayapa Valley

masked trogon

Masked Trogon along the trail of the upper Tandayapa valley

booted racket-tail

The feeders in Tony Nunnery's garden: Booted Racket-tail

green violet-ear

... and Green Violet-ear

las grallarias

Las Grallarias Guesthouse owned by Jane Lyons


Searching for White-tailed Shrike-tyrant at Calicali