First birding stop along the motorway west of Havana

View over the limestone outcrops of Vinales Valley

This rock face at the Mural de la Prehistoria produced a nice selection of Warblers

Red-legged Thrush at Mural de la Prehistoria

Cueva de los Portales near La Guira: excellent for Cuban Solitaire

Birding La Guira at Hacienda Cortina

American Kestrel is a common sight throughout Cuba

The lake at Soroa which is part of the Sierra del Rosario Reserve

A Cuban Pygmy-Owl during our forest walk at Soroa

A Cuban Emerald ready for take off

A Yellow-bellied Sapsucker

Overlooking Sierra del Rosario Reserve from the Buenavista viewpoint

A Loggerhead Kingbird at Buena Vista

Greater Antillean Grackle is common throughout Cuba

The lake at Las Terrazas

Pre-breakfast birding at Hacienda Charco Azul

Cuban Grassquit: another Cuban endemic

An American Redstart at our lunchstop before entering Zapata

Pond at the La Boca Crocodile Farm in Zapata

A Black-cowled or Greater Antillean Oriole at La Boca

Waiting for the Zapata Wren to show up at La Turba in Zapata

A Cuban Pewee at Soplillar Forest

A Cuban Crab-Hawk at La Salinas

Greater Flamingos at La Salinas

A beautiful Cuban Tody in perfect posture at Bermejas

A White-tailed Deer in Bermejas Forest Reserve

A Cuban Parrot along the main road at Bermejas

Greater Antillean Nightjar at its day roost in Bermejas

Sign at the entrance showing the Bermejas trails

Northern Mockingbird: very common throughout

The beach and turquoise sea at Hotel Playa Larga

A Great Lizard-Cuckoo in the garden of our Hotel Playa Larga

A beautiful Cuban Trogon: Cuba's national bird

West Indian Woodpecker: the commonest Woodpecker of Cuba

Yellow-throated Warbler: one of many colourful northern migrants

Hacienda La Belen: our base for the next two nights near Najasa

Checking out the palms for the endemic Cuban Palm Crow

West Indian Woodpecker playing peek-a-boo

Lake near Hacienda La Belen: unfortunetaly no Whistling-Ducks around

A Green Heron on our way to Cayo Coco

Our guide Odey checking out the beach on Cayo Paredon

The rare and local Bahama Mockingbird at Cayo Guillermo

Wonderful turquoise sea at Cayo Coco

Overlooking the mangroves and sea from the dunes on Cayo Coco

Key-West Quail-Dove at El Baga on Cayo Coco

Closer view of a few Greater Flamingos

A beautiful Northern Flicker nesting in a palm tree in the hotel grounds at Playa Coco

Palm Warblers are very common in the Hotel's garden

Havana streets are full of American Classic cars and old Russian Lada's